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Jet Purifiers  

The flexible extraction arms are perfect to suck out welding fumes, gas, steams, dust and solvents.

They are designed to remove the impurities in the air, thus obtaining pure and healthy air. This allows the client to remove the pollution from its source. The placement of the equipment is easy and flexible due to the external joints, flexible pipes and a handle around the extractor hood that are used.

The extractor Hood can easily turn in all directions, due to its joint in cross shape.

Lengths available:
2, 0 mts. - 3, 0 mts. - 4, 0 mts.

Lengths available (horizontal support):
5, 0 mts. - 6, 0 mts. - 7, 0 mts.

The extraction arms can be connected through a fan or a pipe, to an extraction and filtration central facility.

We also have units to remove low airflow in labs or cabins, as well as in explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

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