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VOC’s extraction

Galvanized Steel pipelines (general pipe ø1000 mm).

Total Volume processed 60.000 m3/h.

Centrifugal Fan 45Kw.

Electrical control panel with a frequency shifter.

Automotive sector    
Graphic arts

Pellet dust extraction and filtration

Antistatic cartridges scrubber.
Automatic cleaning system by compressed air.
Dust discharge by rotary valve.
Total Volume processed 8.000 m3/h.

Centrifugal Fan 7,5Kw.


Phenolic fumes filtration

2 antistatic hoses scrubbers.
Automatic cleaning system by compressed air.
Vent panel.
Volume processed 20.000 m3/h.

Centrifugal Fan 11 Kw. ATEX Accreditation, zone 2/22.


VOC’s aspiration

Pipeline accessories of polypropylene.
Gates are operated by a pneumatic actuator.
Press by environment measures.

Anticorrosive fan of 3Kw. ATEX Accreditation, zone 2/22.


Extraction FOR galvanized tanks

Galvanized pipelines accessories.
Suction by removal.

Centrifugal Fan of 1, 5 kW.


Removal booth to mix up substances

Made of galvanized steel.
Vertical sliding door by counterweight.

Centrifugal Fan of 0, 75 kW.


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